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Amazing Affirmations: A Podcast Chat


Dear Hearts,

Positive affirmations are a simple and yet subtle self-help tool that we can use everyday of our lives. They are life affirming and life enhancing and work best when they are deeply and intimately connected to our own lives.

This podcast takes a look at the most effective ways of using affirmations to make a real difference in whichever area of our life that we choose. They can work on the physical body, on our emotional reactions or on our general outlook. When used with discernment and wisdom they can have a deep and lasting effect, helping us to change into and become what we have always wanted.

They aren't a magic remedy though and it does take discipline and focus to get the most out of them but it is well worth it in the end. By using positive affirmations wisely (and often the best ones are the ones that you write for yourself), they help to re-programme some of our old thinking habits and mind loops that became established in the past.

This podcast chat also looks at the way negative affirmations work to hold us back and keep us within an old, unquestioned rhetoric that constantly spins around our minds. They are often so pervasive that they have actually become part of us. The first step to unravelling them is to notice them and then turn them around to the positive.

So no matter which way you look at it, affirmations can be a powerful tool towards our inner growth and joyful and optimistic hearts. So when you have 20 minutes to relax just download the free podcast below and see if you can write some affirmations for yourself.

I do hope you enjoy!

In Loving Light,


Amazing Affirmations: A Podcast Chat

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