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Trust ~ The Secret to Inner Peace

When an infant rests in the arms of a loving mother, it does not know fear. The mother's love is its home.

For most of us the journey from childhood to adulthood cures us of such innocent trust. With it's loss, our sense of inner peace evaporates.

It has been said that one can never go home again, that we cannot return to that place of innocence and trust. It's true, our feet cannot make such a journey, but our hearts can.

The first step in the journey Home is to understand what Trust really is. Trust is the foundation of inner peace. Trust is not the confidence that we will have comfort or safety, or that circumstances will shape themselves to our hopes. Often, the things we think we need are a far greater blessing in their absence. We don't always need what we think we need.

Trust is the return to the knowledge that we are loved.

This is not an intellectual acknowledgement of an abstract idea and can only be born of the direct experience of being loved beyond our expectation, beyond our reason or understading; of being loved wholly, unconditionally and unquestionably by a Love that transcends everything we think we know.

When we find our way back to this Love, we understand with every fiber of our being that regardless of what challenges or trials we may face, our soul is safe.

The fundamental essence of who we are is safe because the Love that is inside of us has already overcome the world. In the light of this Love that is our Home, there is only beauty. When we stand in this light, we are at peace and when we walk in this light, that deep inner peace can carry us through the darkest of nights and the strongest of storms. Trust is not a token acknowledgement but a deep inner knowing that there is something much greater than us that will always be there for us.

When the rain begins to fall, we impulsively reach for the umbrella. But sometimes it's not the umbrella that we need. Sometimes what we really need is the Love.

Come with me now on a journey back to Love. Just click on the enclosure below or download it from our iTunes page by clicking on the Pheonix icon at the bottom.


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    Trust ~ The Secret to Inner Peace - Home - Heart Rising

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