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The Courage of Peace

How does your heart feel? Right now in this moment?

Is there anxiety? Worry? Longing? Love? Contentment? Chances are a deep inner peace is not the first description that leaps to mind. Today, we are constantly bombarded with negative and disturbing messages. Our news media floods our minds with banking blunders, financial doom, natural disaster and crime. It's all bad news. Our sitcoms send the message that being disrespectful to others is not only normal but funny. Our commercials show us starving children in struggling countries, abused children in need of aid, all are asking for our money. Our own bills piling up can seem overwhelming. To top it all off, the current US election has immersed us in hateful messages as each side tries to tell us how bad the other is.

So where does one go to find peace? Is it even appropriate to seek peace when there is so much wrong out there that we have no control over? What can we actually DO to make a difference?

I'm going to tell you a secret.

For all those things we see in the world that we wish we could change, we each have a little piece of magic deep within our own hearts. We can make a difference, and it begins with the search for inner peace.

You may have heard it said that what we change within we change without. You may have heard Gandhi's famous words "Be the change you want to see in the world". Everything we see in our world that disturbs us is a reflection of something within us, of something that we have the power to change. What's more, the things we worry about we unwittingly perpetuate just by holding the frequency.

It takes a brave heart to look inside itself and seek out the places where there is judgment, hatred, worry, fear and anger. These are the things we disguise within us, weaving justifications around them until they seem "right". They make us feel strong and superior. These are the very things that embody the resonance of the things in the world we wish to change. We might not have direct control over their existence in the world, but we do have control over which frequencies we nurture inside our own hearts. Our beliefs that surround our own judgments are the structures that bind us to the illusion. When we let go of our own perspective and open to the perspective of Love, everything changes. What's more, we are all connected in ways we cannot see. What we change within has a profound affect on what we see without.

Do you have the courage to ferret out the places in your own heart where division and illusion reside? Do you have the courage to let go of being right in exchange for being loving and to embrace those you feel are wrong?

Our world needs this now more than ever. If you are ready to make way for a Peace within your self and within our world, come with me now on a journey of personal transformation. The short ten minute exercise contained in the audio enclosure below can help you to identify the places within the heart where the problems of the outer world have root, and once identified to release and transform them. This easy visualization is a tool that may be repeated whenever necessary.

Just click the enclosure below to stream the audio, or click on our Phoenix logo to download from iTunes. Enjoy!

The Courage of Peace

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