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Violet Fire ~ A Tool for Personal and Global Transformation

Dear Hearts,

Many of us have heard of working with the Violet Fire, but how many of us do it regularly? What I have noticed personally, is that the Violet Fire is gaining in compassion, strength and power every moment of every day. I love to flush it through my physical and finer bodies at the end of each day to cleanse, bless and purify me after I have been out in the everyday world. Also, I know no better way to assure a good night's sleep!


I use it to help lift the vibration of any low vibrating energy packets I am carrying within my aura and my body which have accumulated through interaction with difficult situations or even places of chaotic energy. It helps to not only bring me back into balance and harmony but as I purify and bless myself, so then I can send it to those very situations and places that have need of it.


Our beloved Gaia also is in deep need as she births herself into a higher vibration. Her need arises from the way many human beings have polluted her, not only with chemicals and from using her purely as a resource but from our own mental, emotional and physical interactions with each other. Using the Violet Fire helps to restore the love and respect that Nature deserves and helps us to interact with her as a living being who, out of the goodness of her heart, allows us to live upon her body.

I hope you enjoy the guided meditation, which you can download below and that you will begin to feel inspired to use it regularly to help all and everything.

Many blessings,


Violet Fire: A Tool for Personal and Global Transformation

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