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World of Hidden Beauty: An interview with Cymascope inventor John Stuart Reid


John Stuart Reid, inventor of the Cymascope, joins Heart Rising to share his incredible story.

Join us as he leads us on a journey into the visible beauty of sound.


We think of sound as a wave, but that "wave" actually radiates out in all directions and becomes a bubble. Sound is not the flat wave we think it to be, but an intricate, beautiful sphere. Using the Cymascope, it is possible to map the way that sound moves, and reveal a hidden world of great beauty.

This is an image of Sergei Rachmananoff's Piano Concerto No2. in C minor:


And this is Pachalbel's Canon in D:


The Cymascope is much more than just a neat tool to make pretty pictures.

It has far reaching applications from astro-physics...

To possibly offering new tools to help pre-lingual autistic children understand and use language.

For more information about the Cymascope and it's wonders, visit www.cymascope.com or click on the cymascope banner at the top of this page. If you are interested in funding research into it's potential applications for autism, please use the "contact us" form at the right or contact John directly at http://cymascope.com/contactus.html

And now for a real treat, follow the arrow and click on the little square below to hear our interiew with John, or click on our phoenix logo to be taken directly to iTunes. 

Interview With John Stuart Read (Download)

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Reader Comments (2)

Awesome interview Hannah!! Really enjoyed it. I am now working at a Regeneration Centre > http://www.ultimateproductsforlife.com/ < It is a centre that uses very high vibrational tools to assist in recalibrating recentering and remembering so we are able to uplift our frequencies and take ourselves back to our fullest potentials, possibilities and intentions. So, I was very interested in listening to this and feeling the implications it has for true healing.

Love and thank you thank you.

January 16, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMark Trevis

Thank you for taking the time to comment Mark. John has given talks in the past about healing and sound. There is a page on his website dedicated to sound healing: http://cymascope.com/cyma_research/soundhealing.html
That could be a whole show in itself!
Blessings to your lovely heart.

January 17, 2012 | Registered CommenterHannah

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