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Our Inner Rainbow: Guided Meditation

Dear Hearts,

This guided meditation leads us to discover and work with our own inner rainbow. We each have one and it is created from the energy centres or chakras within our body.  When they are healthy and vibrant in their colour and spin, our health blossoms and we feel good and full of vitality.

Chakras are wheels of light energy that may be invisible to the naked eye but can often be felt if we place our hands over or just above them. There are many minor chakras throughout the body but we will be working with the main column of rainbow light that spread out in cones of light both at the front and back of our body. These are attatched at their base to our spinal column.

In this meditation, we travel from our earth star chakra, three feet beneath the earth, right up to our soul star chakra above our heads that stores our soul's purpose. Each chakra relates to specific areas within our physical body as well as our emotional and mental finer bodies, so working in this way, we can help support ourselves on all levels of our being.

We will breath in the appropriate colours, essential oils and crystal essences for each of our main nine chakras and as we do, we begin to balance and bring clarity and pristine light to each one. Working with our energy centres in this way on a regular basis or when we are feeling depleted or tired can be a wonderful, drug-free way of maintaining our all round health and wellbeing.

This guided meditation takes around 35 minutes. Just dowload by either clicking on the link below or to listen in iTunes, click on a phoenix!

In Loving Light,


Thankyou to Admiral Bob at ccmixter.org for the background music.

Our Inner Rainbow Guided Meditation

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Reader Comments (1)

Thank you Caressence ~ This is a Beautiful meditation. Just listening to your voice is so relaxing. I enjoyed going into my inner world of the chakras with you ~~~
Bless you for this gift and for the love you so freely share ~

March 4, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterNancy Wait

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