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Seven Steps Towards Perfection



When we wake up each morning, we normally follow a set routine.  If it’s a Tuesday, we follow our Tuesday routine. If it’s a Sunday…..well on Sundays we always have to do particular things otherwise it just wouldn’t feel like Sunday would it?  This gives us some kind of order and comfort in our daily lives, even if we are in the middle of a personal drama.

And yet, what if we could improve our lives with just a small shuffling of our usual habits and routines?  What if we could just integrate a few, simple steps that could help us create the perfected, authentic and healthy life that we dream of?

Let’s be realistic, to make changes within our everyday lives can feel like a big effort.  We would like to change and add more joy and good health to our lives but that would mean we have to begin to observe ourselves a little more and create some new habits and change can initially feel uncomfortable…..So what do we do?  Decide that we will try something new in the future when we have more time, when the children have left home or when our workload is less?  Yes, we all have a barrel of excuses up our sleeves but even if we just begin to work on one or two of the steps below, we may begin to find that our bodies become more healthy, that our relationships blossom, that issues at work feel less challenging and that we discover a new love of life and if that happens, then everyone around us will benefit.

So, reflect on the simple steps below (perhaps print them out) and see if even just one or two of them draw you in and then really commit to working with them, just as a gift to yourself and who knows, perhaps this time next year you may have a whole different set of routines for Tuesdays!


  1. Smile Often and Unexpectedly!

Did you know that to smile actually changes your brain chemisty and so not only helps your mind stay happy and healthy, but also your body.  Try smiling as soon as you wake up in the morning and then see how it spreads throughout your day.  Try a test and see that if you smile on your way to work or on the school run, do complete strangers smile back at you?  Usually they do and so your smile spreads across your neighbourhood.

       2.  Open to Gratefulness

Even in the midst of personal and world problems, if you look around you, you may find many things to be grateful for.  These are often things and people that usually go unnoticed because you are so used to having them around.  So just for a moment, reflect how it would feel if you didn’t have water or sunlight in your life.  Imagine how it would feel if you didn’t have your partners or children or friends.  These are the everyday things that we take for granted but would be lost without.  Open your heart to them and allow gratitude and thankfulness to flood your whole being.

      3.  Balance Heart and Mind

Allow your heart and intuition to begin to play a bigger part in your decision-making.  Our inner instincts are usually right and the more we begin to trust them, the more they will serve us.  If we can begin to combine a deep trust in our hearts and those inner promptings and then balance them with the clarity of our minds, then our life choices can be enhanced in a loving and beautiful way.

     4.  Keep a Wider Perspective

We often become so embroiled in our own, small lives that it is hard to see the bigger picture.  When things feel tough or you feel stressed, try seeing yourself as if you were an eagle flying high above.  As you look down upon the earth, you see might see a small little humanbeing running around from one place to another surrounded by buildings, gardens, yards, traffic.  Then as you fly higher you see the sea, the cliffs, the whole ocean and then the earth herself……and at this point, it is easy to see how we are each, part of the whole, and at this point, everything  falls into a wider perspective.  Worries seems less worrying, emotions, passing clouds and our human family, just that a Human Family of which we are one small part.

     5.  Find and Use Positive Affirmations

Lots of us enjoy positive affirmations and we might even use one for a day or two, but to really make a difference in our lives, we need to find ones that really work for us at this present moment in our lives and then repeat it out loud (or when its not convenient, internally), every day for at least a couple of weeks or perhaps even months, until that particular one feels as if it has been integrated deeply within our beings and then we might chose a new one to work with.  An affirmation that works well for us is like having a friend constantly in our pocket. (You can find lots of affirmations in our Heartrising Archive Library).


     6.  Create a Silent Space Every Day

Even if we haven’t learnt how to meditate in a formal way, we can chose to build a silent space into our day, where we sit with our hearts and our breath and just allow ourselves to be present, without any distractions.  This can be for a little as 10 minutes.  Just 10 minutes of Golden Time just for you to feed your inner being so that you can then carry on with your day in a calm, relaxed state and feel at One with yourself.

     7.  Take Regular Playtimes

It’s not trivial to take time to play and do things you absolutely love.  This is what can feed your personal joy and love of life.  Take a little time to play with the dog, dance to the radio, sing to the skies….whatever makes you happy!  Do it regularly!

You may find just one or two of the above steps call out to you.  Just try them for a few weeks and then when they are fully part of your life, then come back for more of the 7!

This offering comes from the heartstream of Caressence.  Please take from it whatever resonants with your heart and leave the rest behind.



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